Savings Account (SAVINGACCOUNT)
Share this organization members, keeping in mind the various savings accounts hitalai is brought into operation.

Simple Savings Account (GENERAL SAVING ACCOUNT)
This account is at least Rs 500 / – to be started from. This simple savings account and put money in their own organization according to the amount of savings policy is supposed to be found. This savings account under the monthly minimum savings balance is found in the annual 7 percent interest.

Confluence Premium Savings Account (SANGAM PREMIUM SAVING ACCOUNT)
To operate this account minimum amount of Rs 2000 / – shall be deposited. Regardless of how much money to deposit this savings account and Rs one day Rs.2,00,000- / – rudui million) until the extract sakinecha. This savings account daily, monthly, weekly and each 6/6 months may be as a minimum monthly balance 10 percent will be provided interest rates.

Confluence Share Savings Account (SANGAM SHARE BACHAT A / C)
This account is targeted by members of the organization share is brought to account. Each member of a sense that this plan has been brought to account. This savings account as a mandatory monthly 300.- shall be deposited Rs. This savings account rate of 13 per cent has been provided.

Employees provident fund deposit of knives uddhesyale the savings account is brought into operation. Cahejati a monthly basis, the amount can be deposited to provide this savings account interest rates totaled 10 percent. The future of the savings deposit account secured loans if necessary mahanubhavaharulai member who wants to gather a predetermined More 0 (zero percent) will be invested in interest rate loans. This savings account is brought into operation and every 5/5 of target retirement jivanalai to reconsider the provision has been rain.

Progressive Savings Account (DAILY / MONTHLY SAVING ACCOUNT)
This account daily / monthly as a small amount of the deposit to encourage abhrirayale sadasyaharulai is brought into operation. This account daily Rs 25 / – or monthly Rs 500 / – to take account of the operating and obligations as should be saved for a year. This account provides every three months totaled 10 percent interest.