The Purna Kalash Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd was registered in Division Cooperative Office, Kathmandu, on December 1, 2008 having registration number 1958/065/66 under the Cooperative act, 1992. The cooperative started its operation since March 21, 2009. As economic enterprises and self-help organization, Purna Kalash SACCOS aims to play meaning role to enhance economic, social and cultural development by providing financial and non-financial supports to the members of the society. Purna Kalash SACCOS aims to focus on the area of ward no 12-17, 21, 26 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City along with Ichangu Narayan VDC and Sitapaila VDC.

27 young energetic youth were united to enhance Purna Kalash SACCOS and proudly there are 1252 members involved and directly benefited. Gender balanced for members has been maintained as 50:50 ratios.

The Cooperative is furnished with the experienced personnel from the sector of banking & finance, education, insurance, business, tourism, politics and other social areas, who have got the skill of management in their perspective area for a long period of time.

The cooperative is equipped with the latest and state of art fully computerized software FAO-GTZ Micro Banking System.


Purna Kalash SACCOS mission is to uniting the people of the society, empowering them by giving knowledge of saving and uplift their social standard and hence representing and serving members through cooperative acitities.


The main objective of the Purna Kalash SACCOS is to promote, participate and establish the Nepalese society towards the economic movement for the sustainable development of the society.


Purna Kalash SACCOS aims to achieve following objectives:

  • It aims to develop the movement in the society to explore the people’s needs with their own initiative and participation.
  • It aims to unite the people and empowers them to invest in common purpose to uplift the economic standard.
  • It aims to provide financial and non-financial support to the members of the society.
  • It aims to arrange the program to provide technical and financial knowledge to the members in order to benefit by using their values of skills which will ultimately become a part to succeed for economic growth.
  • It aims to empower the members for their sustainable economic growth which leads the growth of independent well economic society.
  • It aims to encourage the members to unit and invest in productive income generated sector for sustainable economic development of Nepal.